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The Ateliers Pierrot website is built using well-known and reputable open source projects but also other less known solutions that earn grow.

Contents management

First, the site of Les Ateliers uses the French CMS SPIP to manage its pages and content. SPIP is a free and open source software available under General Public License (GNU General Public License or GPL) and has a large community of users and contributors, we are some of them. It is used by many sites, mainly French, including sites "client accounts" with rich editorial content such as Le Monde Diplomatique and

We work with SPIP for many years, actively participate in the coding some "plugins" proposed by the community, and are satisfied with the result. The software allows a very fine and complete management of editorial content written by a community (users can be writers or directors) and incorporates the typographical standards of the French language, which are among the most complex.

We also use a number of "plugins" to manage the site. Including some specific features such as the management of social networking buttons, the PDF version of each page etc.

Rendering management

Page rendering, their design is based on a modern solution in HTML5, also open source, which was originally developed by developers from the team of Twitter : Bootstrap. This software is available under an Apache 2.0.

We chose this tool because it is natively "responsive", i.e. it automatically adapts its rendering to the size of the screen on which it is seen. You can test on one of our pages when viewing on a computer screen (we call this view "desktop") and then a phone screen "smartphone" type (we call this view "small screens"). It also offers many features often used on the web, including constant navigation top bar management on version "desktop".

Not-comprehensive review of used tools


We publish the global structure of our SPIP skeleton as a plugin under GPL license. The source code of this plugin can be found on our development tracking tool at