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You want to be present on the web but do not have the means for a large site ? We propose a simple and consistent ten pages website, designed to your image.

Features of the Presence Website

  • a standard home page with the company name, address , activity, visual (logo or photo), a short blurb and a simple navigation menu,
  • a contact page online, you receive messages on your mail,
  • a site-map and a ’how to get there’ pages, for example with a road map to get to your premises,
  • ten pages of content simply organized.

All Presence websites have at least three different email addresses, to be placed on the relevant pages of the site.

Les Ateliers take care of everything : buying the domain name and hosting for one year, setting up pages and elements provided after detailed construction site with you.

Elements to provide

  • a presentation of your company name, address, name of responsible, contacts, activity ( pdf or doc format),
  • a visual : logo or picture (gif, jpg, tiff or png),
  • a short text to insert in the homepage (doc or pdf format, maximum 500 characters),
  • all contents of pages, depending on the chosen organization set beforehand (variable format).

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