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We offer some USB keys 8GB or 16GB with a pre-installed Ubuntu Linux desktop to let you start your under Linux without affecting your current system. This way you can test the system ... and adopt it, of course ;)

Why ?

The time when a Linux user would open a terminal and type in lines of code to do this or that is gone forever. Linux now looks substantially like a Windows or MacOSX system (in its Ubuntu’s distribution anyway) : a beautiful user interface allows you to do everything on screen via dedicated software accessible to all (no need to know to make calls via terminal).

So, isn’t it the time to cross the barrier of free stuff ? Pass under Linux means to be no longer dependent on proprietary systems (often paid) on which we have no control.

What is on the key ?

The pre-installed version of Linux Ubuntu ships all useful and well-known open source softwares. We use the installation prepared by the team of Framasoft named "Framakey - Ubuntu" (in its english version). You can find more information and tutorials on the dedicated website

The key is scheduled to run Linux while being able to create and manage files accessible from other operating systems (eg Windows) ; these files are stored on the key in a directory named "Data" that you can access from your system.

Our version includes (in addition to Framasoft), a set of free softwares to help you live a "transition to Linux" smoothly. Here is the list of installed softwares and their correspondence on other systems :
- * Mozilla Firefox for web browsing (same functionality as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari)
- * Mozilla Thunderbird to read and send emails (same functionality as Outlook or Mail)
- * Libre Office for word processing , filing and presentations (same functionality as MS Office)
- * VideoLAN Client (VLC) for video playback (same functionality as Windows Media or QuickTime)
- * Tomahawk for music (same functionality as iTunes)
- * Shotwell for viewing photos (same functionality as the Windows or MacOSX viewer)
- * Gimp to edit photos, graphics and drawing.

A comprehensive suite of utilities to manage files on a daily basis is of course integrated into Linux (calculator, text editor, screen capturer, quick glimpses of photos or images, files browser, etc). Finally, a comprehensive suite of management allows you to install or update your softwares without typing a line of code.

Acquisition / Distribution

We are only an intermediary between you and Framasoft. If you prefer to use the "official channels" contact directly the editor.

We charge the key "to cost", supporting invoices (cost of purchasing the key and possible costs).